Affordable Housing

Z would like to repeal the Urstadt law that caps rent-stabilization in NYC and allows Republicans outside of the city to determine housing policy for those in his district. He’d also like to see an end to vacancy decontrol and a revamp of the 421-a program that takes the neighborhood Area Median Income into consideration, as opposed to the current system that includes New York City and the wealthier areas of Westchester, Putnam and Rockland Counties.


As the son of immigrants, Z’s passion for the protection of immigrant rights is personal. He would like to help pass the NY Liberty and DREAM Act, legislation that would give immigrants and their children resources for greater access to education, healthcare, and counsel in deportation proceedings, not matter their status. 


New York state owes NYC public schools nearly $3 billion dollars but has yet to comply with the court order mandating that aid. Zellnor, a product of public schools, would like to fight to hold the state accountable and demand that our schools be adequately funded.

Women’s Health

Z is a strong advocate for women’s reproductive rights and is committed to the fight to update New York State’s laws to protect women. With women’s reproductive rights under attack in Washington, it’s more important than ever that New York State pass legislation to protect our families. Zellnor will work to pass the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act, which will require New York insurance policies to fully cover FDA approved contraception. He will also work to pass the Reproductive Health Act, which will update state abortion laws to fall in line with the federal protections granted in Roe V. Wade ensuring that New Yorkers have access to safe and legal abortions.

Criminal Justice Reform

As a member of the Legal Aid Society’s junior board of directors and
recent recipient of their Outstanding Advocacy in Defense of the Accused award, Z cares deeply for the reform of our criminal justice system. He wants to fight to end cash bail and pass speedy
trial reform, two issues that contribute to the continued mass incarceration of communities of color.

Environmental Justice

Before law school, Z earned the LEED professional accreditation of
Green Associate, an experience that sparked his desire to take direct action against climate change in New York.To that end, he hopes to fight for the passage of the Climate and Community Protection Act (CCPA). The CCPA is a landmark piece of legislation that would put New York at the forefront of the fight against climate change by creating individualized plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and direct energy funding to communities like the 20th state senate district that are most impacted by climate change.

About Zellnor

Zellnor Myrie is a Brooklyn native and a lawyer currently working at a private law firm. Zellnor is a community activist, member of his Neighborhood Advisory Board, and outspoken critic of the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) in Albany.

Zellnor derives inspiration for his public service from his mother who moved to Brooklyn 40 years ago from Costa Rica on the promise of a mattress and job at a factory. She raised Zellnor in a rent-stabilized apartment in Prospect Lefferts Gardens allowing Zellnor to attend one of the best public schools in the borough. Zellnor’s mother never let the challenges of being a new immigrant hinder Zellnor’s education.

Zellnor is a graduate of Brooklyn Technical High School, earned his B.A. and M.A. from Fordham University, and J.D. from Cornell Law School. While at Cornell, Zellnor was Student Association President and graduated a semester early to spend time working with Justice360 as a Pro Bono Scholar serving capital defendants.

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